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What can I expect after a septoplasty?

You will be able to breathe normally shortly after the procedure and the wound will heal quite quickly, however, achieving a full recovery might take a while.

It is important to know what to expect after any kind of medical procedure to make the best decisions for faster recovery.

The medical team will likely place packing in both nostrils to stop any bleeding, straight after the procedure and you will need to breathe through your mouth. Once your doctor discharges you from the hospital, the nurse will remove the packing. Shortly after that, you will be able to breathe normally. The wound will heal quite quickly, however, achieving a full recovery might take a while.

The Most Common Symptoms after Septoplasty

It is important to report any post-procedure effects to the nurse to receive proper medications to soothe the symptoms.

Symptoms that can occur after this procedure:

  • drowsiness for a few hours following the procedure
  • nausea, due to the anesthesia
  • pain, congestion, and bleeding

If there are no complications, your doctor will send you home on the day of the procedure. A family member or friend should be present to drive you home.

It is also possible that you might need to undergo septoplasty because the cartilage might continue to move over time and block the airflow again.

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