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What can happen during a head injury?

The common possibilities of damage that may occur during extensive head injury include skull fracture, hematoma, concussion, and contusion.

When there is a skull fracture, the bone may develop a crack but remain in place or else get displaced and perforate the brain (depressed fracture).

Hematoma is bleeding in the brain or its layers. When bleeding occurs between the skull and the outermost (dura mater) layer, it is called an extradural hematoma. Bleeding between the first and second brain layer is called subdural hematoma, and bleeding within the brain is termed intracerebral bleeding.

Concussion may occur if there is a vibrational injury to the brain and may cause swelling and cell death. This may not be associated with bleeding. In contusional injuries, there will be direct bruising, laceration, bleeding, and associated swelling of the brain tissues.

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