What are the usual precautions after hip replacement?

After hip surgery, your doctor will give you precise indications regarding your aftercare and all the precautions you should take once you are discharged.

After hip replacement surgery, it’s important to be careful while moving, especially during the first months because there is an increased risk of dislocation. Before you are discharged, your doctor will give you specific recommendations on how to shower, sit and move. You will have to avoid any movements that can damage your hip like bending or sitting with your legs crossed.

Gradually, you will be able to return to your activities and practice exercises that will help you enhance your hip's strength.

Is therapy needed after total joint replacement surgery?

After undergoing a total joint replacement surgery, physical therapy is needed to accelerate the rehabilitation of the joint. Physical therapy may be continued for up to 3 months postoperatively.

Physical therapy sessions may begin shortly after the joint replacement surgery. The physical therapist will check the patient's mobility, range of motion, and exercise tolerance.

The chances of a successful outcome and a faster recovery can increase if rehabilitation begins soon. Depending on general health and condition before the surgical procedure, a number of physical therapy sessions will be needed.

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