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What are the risks of the knee replacement procedure?

As with any surgical procedure, complications can occur. The replacement knee joint may not work as intended or it may become loose, raising the need for a secondary surgery in the future.

Although rare, the risks and complications associated with knee replacement surgery include:

  • Infection: Infection is likely to develop in the wound or around the prosthesis. Minor infections are treated with antibiotics and deep infections involving the prosthesis may require surgery to remove the prosthesis.
  • Continuing pain: Few patients may experience continued pain after knee replacement surgery.
  • Injury to the nerves and blood vessels: Though rare, neurovascular injury may occur during surgery.
  • Blood clots: Blood clots may develop in the leg veins and can be fatal if they break free and travel up to your lungs.
  • Implant problems: The surfaces of implants may wear down or the components may become loose.
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Source: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Medical-Library/