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What are the risks associated with the meniscus repair procedure?

Any surgery has its risks. Meniscus repair is considered a safe procedure with a low chance of complications.

The risks associated with meniscus repair surgery will depend on the patient’s condition and individual needs. Risks are minimized when the procedure is performed by an experienced surgical team but, they cannot be completely eliminated.

The most common complications associated with meniscus repair surgery

  • injury or damage to the cartilage, ligaments, meniscus, blood vessels, or nerves of the knee
  • infections may result from surgery
  • injury to nerves and blood vessels
  • fracture, weakness
  • stiffness or instability of the joint
  • pain
  • inability to repair the meniscus
  • additional surgical procedures due to repeated rupture of the meniscus
  • formation of a blood clot in the leg
  • anesthesia complications

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