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What are the causes of MCL injury?

Usually, MCL injuries happen when a strong force hits the knee, resulting in torn or stretched ligaments inside the knee.

The MCL lies between the tibia and the femur bone along the inside of the knee joint. A strong force or blow from the side of the knee can result in a partial or complete tear of the MCL.

When your knee is under impact from the external side, it gets stretched beyond its normal range of motion. Because of this, the MCL can tear partially or completely. These kinds of injuries occur while playing contact sports or games that involve a lot of sudden stops and turns, for instance, basketball, soccer, and skiing. A fall on a slippery surface may also cause similar injury. Apart from this, constant stress on the knee can lead to MCL tears as the MCL may lose its elastic nature and become susceptible to tears.

A ‘pop’ may also be heard or felt and your knee may collapse in the inward direction. Pain and swelling may develop in both partial and complete MCL tear.

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