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What are the advantages of a lobectomy?

Lobectomy, a common surgical method to treat lung cancer entails several advantages. Your surgeon will make you aware of these when you analyze your surgical options.

The lobectomy surgical procedure involves the removal of a portion of an organ that is affecting the functions of other organs, for instance, a benign tumor, though not cancerous may have to be removed because it may press upon blood vessels and thus prevent proper blood flow to the other parts of the body. The removal of a lobe with the tumor mass can solve this problem. Therefore, undergoing a lobectomy procedure stops or slows down the spread of cancer, infections, and other diseases.

The major advantages of a lobectomy done through a video-assisted thoracoscopic technology include:

  • Lower risk of complications such as infection and bleeding
  • Lower rate of postoperative atrial fibrillation
  • Less pain postoperatively
  • Better and preserved lung functions
  • Reduction in an inflammatory response
  • Shorter hospital stay due to shorter chest tube duration
  • Faster recovery and return to routine activities
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Allows improved delivery of adjuvant chemotherapy in selected patients
  • A safe and effective procedure

However, your surgeon will have a detailed discussion on the advantages as well as the risks of lobectomy procedure.

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