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What are the advantages of laparoscopic surgical approach for colon cancer?

Medically known as colectomy, colon resection is necessary for the treatment of multiple conditions and diseases, which occur in the colon, such as diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and colon cancer.

When a person undergoes laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer, the surgeon removes the malignant tumors from their colon by making small incisions on the abdomen, which promotes rapid recovery and minimal scarring.

Usually, the patient is discharged from the hospital in a few days following laparoscopic colon cancer surgery, as the risk of postoperative complications is also significantly lower than that entailed by traditional surgery for colon cancer.

The patient will also experience considerably less pain with laparoscopic surgery, as the procedure causes minimal damage to tissue and adjacent organs. Finally, laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer implies a fast return of bowel function, as well as a reduced risk of infection.

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