Can I transfer from Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve?

Lap band surgery is a great bariatric option for obesity and reasons for its popularity can be found in the safety with which the procedure can be performed, as well as in the excellent weight loss results produced.

Like every type of surgery, the lap band procedure can have complications and though these are rare, they might require conversion to gastric sleeve procedure for example. Though it is for the bariatric surgeon to decide whether the conversion of lap band procedure to gastric sleeve procedure is the best approach that serves your health and weight loss goals, it is perfectly possible to undergo such a revision type of surgery.

Main causes that put transfer to gastric sleeve procedure in the spotlight

The lap band complications that may lead to the need for transfer to gastric sleeve are:

  • band slippage
  • band erosion
  • chronic nausea and vomiting
  • infection due to incompatibility of the implanted device
  • weight gain
  • inefficiency of a restrictive weight loss procedure, due to metabolic causes

The long-term implant used in lap banding is made of a biocompatible material, but since every human body reacts differently to foreign material, though it happens extremely rarely, it is sometimes possible that the implanted device is not accepted.

Band-to-sleeve conversion

As a first step, the lap band is removed from the upper part of the stomach, and the stomach is restored to its initial capacity. If infections or other conditions that need treatment exist, they will be treated prior to revision bariatric surgery. If there are no impediments for the gastric sleeve to be performed, the procedure will be done in the same operative session.

Gastric sleeve is not the only revision surgery option for lap band patients

Gastric sleeve procedure is an excellent weight loss surgery solution for patients who experience difficulties with lap band procedure but is not the only available approach. If your experience lap band complications or your weight loss journey is still bumpy after having a lap band device implanted, contact your surgeon for the appropriate revision strategy.

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