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Will there be any special precautions taken to monitor me during the surgery?

You are carefully monitored by our specialized staff for your safety, your surgeon and your anesthesiologist is watching over you during the entire surgery in order to optimize your condition in every way. There is a monitoring system measuring and displaying the parameters by sensors and electrodes connected to you.

During the surgery the anesthesiologist is recording your monitoring parameters and vital signs every 5 minutes: respiratory, cardiovascular and brain activity, body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, anesthetic status, and the equipment function. Checking all these aspects permanently the anesthesiologist observes any little change that might appear in the parameters and is able to take action to fix them before they get to the critical range.

Your anesthesiologist can put a special IV catheter into an artery in your wrist if your medical condition allows. This is how your blood pressure is monitored during the procedure. An electrocardiogram (ECG) is continuously monitoring the rate and rhythm of the heart and shows signals if there is a change in this activity. We use the life saving cardiac defibrillator in case of cardiac failure, fortunately, this device is not required often. The level of sedation is monitored by a special brain wave monitor.

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