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Might additional fusion be required?

Your doctor will be able to tell you what outcome is expected in your case.

Spinal fusion surgery is typically a successful procedure. Statistically, a fusion is obtained in 70% to 90% of cases, patients with single-level disc pathology having a better chance for a positive outcome, than patients with multiple degenerated discs.

Most patients who decided to undergo this procedure in our hospital have been discharged with a positive prognosis and managed to obtain the desired outcome. However, it is possible not to obtain a solid fusion following ALIF. If fusion isn’t achieved, the patient might require another surgery. Spinal fusion is typically an efficient procedure for fractures, deformities, instability or fractures of the spine.

  • The results are mixed when the cause of the back pain is unclear.
  • Even when spinal fusion results in symptom relief, it does not prevent patients from developing more spine problems in the future.
  • Degenerative conditions of the spine caused by arthritis cannot be resolved with spine fusion.

Immobilizing a section of the spine places extra stress and strain around the fused portion in some cases leading to the degeneration of those areas of the spine, requiring additional spinal fusion.

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