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Is the elbow reconstruction surgery efficient?

Elbow reconstruction surgery reduces the pain in the elbow and helps it work better.

When it is performed by an experienced surgeon, elbow reconstruction surgery can be very effective in restoring function and comfort to your elbow. The biggest benefits are certainly the ability to perform basic and instrumental activities of daily living and to sleep on the affected arm. As long as the new elbow is properly cared for, including the avoidance of injuries, the replacement can last for decades.

Therefore, elbow reconstruction usually helps your elbow work better and reduces pain, although it may not restore the joint to the condition it had before the disease or injury.

To help your arm get stronger and move better, during the surgery recovery you will perform exercises, such as bending and straightening the arm to improve the range of motion.

It's important to know that elbow reconstruction surgery is demanding and is best performed by an experienced doctor accustomed to performing this surgery at least several times a year.

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