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Is sinus surgery necessary?

Getting surgery is always an important decision. It’s important to cooperate with your doctor to get the right treatment and to decide if sinus surgery is your best option.

There are a few things that need to be considered before making the decision. How severe are the symptoms? What is the result of your CT scan? How is your general health condition? Did you try any medical treatment before?

When Medical Treatment is No Longer a Solution

For some patients with chronic sinus infections, medical treatment works keeping symptoms under control. But if medication and lifestyle changes do not help, sinus surgery may be the best alternative.

Sinus surgery might be necessary in case of:

  • Chronic sinusitis that isn’t responding to medical treatment
  • Severe sinus polyps
  • Abnormalities within the structure of the nose or sinus that requires repair - deviated septum for example
  • An infection that has spread to the bone
  • Cancer within the sinus cavity

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