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Is elbow joint replacement possible?

Elbow joint replacement is possible and your doctor may recommend it based on your condition, established after your medical examination.

The joint replacement procedure may be a suitable solution for elbows affected by injury or disease, as it aims to eliminate pain and help your elbow move better. During the procedure, the damaged parts of the elbow joint are replaced with artificial parts that attach to the bones in your arm.

There are several types of elbow replacements with components that come in various sizes. Other types of elbow replacements that are also available are the partial replacements. The artificial elbow joints are made up of two parts or stems and the hinge between the two parts is made of metal and plastic. The stems of the artificial elbow fit inside the hollow part of the bone.

Talking with your surgeon about your options will help establish what type of elbow joint replacement is best for you. Although this procedure is not that common, it is successful in relieving pain and can help you return to your active lifestyle.

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