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Is a severe headache a sign of a brain tumor? How are brain tumors identified?

A severe headache does not necessarily indicate a brain tumor. The most common way to identify a brain tumor is an MRI scan.

When a brain tumor is large and associated with swelling, headaches occur, but it is a rare symptom. There are no specific symptoms that are associated with brain tumors. Tumors occurring in the front portion of the brain may cause changes in personality, whereas tumors in the mid-brain may affect the strength, sensation, and vision of an individual. Seizures and headaches may also occur.

The most common method to identify the presence of a brain tumor is a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI). This technique gives high-resolution images of tumors and provides information about the nature and behavior of brain tumors. However, confirmation of the diagnosis of a brain tumor requires a brain biopsy, in which your neurosurgeon removes abnormal brain tissue and performs evaluation under a microscope.

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