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How will my breasts change as I age after a breast reconstructive surgery?

Your doctor will be able to anticipate the long-term effects of this surgery and tell you more about how the breast’s aspect will change over time.

Depending on the technique deployed during the surgery, you might have different outcomes. Over time, the breasts that have been reconstructed won’t sag like natural breasts. If you want to achieve a balance, you can reduce or lift the other breast through surgery.

Your doctor will tell you what your options are in case you’ve had reconstructive surgery only for one breast and you want to preserve a balanced aspect over time.

What recommendations should I follow after the breast reconstructive surgery?

After the breast reconstruction, you will be given pain medication. Your diet will initially be based on fluids and you will gradually resume a normal diet. It’s recommended to consume plenty of fluids, fibers, and proteins.

As you start recovering, you will be encouraged to move by taking daily walks. Strenuous activities such as lifting should be avoided as well as using your arms to pull/push yourself out of bed. Your doctor will give you precise indications on how you can shower after the surgery in order to avoid infection.

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