How soon can I resume my activities after the STARR treatment?

Your doctor will tell you how soon you will be able to resume your normal activities following the intervention.

One of the main benefits of the STARR treatment is that it ensures a fast recovery; due to its single incision, this minimally invasive procedure allows patients to resume their activity in one week.

This is the typical recovery timeline after the STARR treatment. Nonetheless, since each patient’s recovery is different, you will receive specific indications from your doctor before returning home.

Making progress after the STARR treatment

Following a complete medical examination, your surgeon will help you understand how much time you need to recover, what you are allowed or cannot do, and the extent of your progress, based on the needs and limitations of your body.

Carefully listening to the instructions of your doctor will accelerate your recovery process. Do not try to accelerate your rehabilitation since there might be risks from trying too hard to return to your normal activities faster than indicated.

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