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How should I sleep after a spine surgery?

The best sleeping position after spine surgery is either on your back or on your side. It's important to maintain a position that puts the least amount of pressure on your lower back and spinal discs.

You can either sleep on your back or on your sides after undergoing spine surgery. However, it is necessary to maintain a position that exerts the least amount of pressure on your back and spinal discs.

Good sleep is essential for faster healing. Your surgeon will advise you about the best sleep position for your condition and how you can get into and out of your bed. Here are certain steps that can be taken to release stress out of your spine and back:

  • While sleeping on your back, make sure your upper back, shoulders, and head are slightly raised, use an adjustable bed or a wedge/supporting pillows. Keep your knees and hips bent by placing a pillow or rolled blanket under the back of your knees.
  • While sleeping on your side, it is advisable to place a pillow between your legs.
  • While getting out of your bed, log roll method should be followed. While still lying on your back, bend your knees and then roll onto your side keeping both hips and shoulders in line so that there is no twisting of your spine. Then, slowly push yourself upwards using your arms and legs to bend over to the side of the bed so that you are in a sitting position.
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