How should I change my lifestyle after the vascular surgery procedure?

Lifestyle changes are essential after the vascular surgery procedure and are helpful in recovery from the surgery and also the prevention of further cardiovascular issues. Adjusting your lifestyle may also mean avoiding some of the activities you may have been doing before undergoing the surgery.

After the vascular surgery procedure, your surgeon will advise you to limit your activities for a certain period of time, which could vary from a day to a month. This depends on your general health condition and your outlook about the recovery. Your surgeon will provide accurate post-operative instructions and here is a list of lifestyle changes that need to be followed after the vascular surgery procedure:

  • Resume activities as early as possible: It is important to start with your normal activities as much as you are able to do during the early recovery period. Most recovery occurs in the first few weeks after surgery and being active is important for a favorable outcome. Physical therapy can also help improve your activity levels.
  • Cessation of smoking: You need to stop smoking in order to have a positive outcome from your surgery.
  • Regular exercise and dietary changes: Intake of a balanced diet and getting regular exercise are important parts of your overall health maintenance. This can also help in improving the outcome of your surgery. You will need to avoid cholesterol by limiting the intake of fatty foods and also limit salt intake. These dietary changes help reduce your risk of high blood pressure and also prevent recurrence of vascular disease.
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