How long is a person out of work after Lap Band surgery?

If there are no complications and there are no life-altering obesity-related health conditions that would slow down the recovery process, patients should be able to be up and about in a matter of a week, 10 days. After this period, patients may return to their work.

Lap Band surgery offers a shorter hospitalization and quicker recovery than gastric bypass procedures

One of the great advantages of Lap Band procedure is that due to the laparoscopic approach the technique is minimally invasive to the body. The initial (and absolutely normal) bodily discomfort experienced right after surgery vanishes relatively quickly. Patients need not forget though, that Lap Band procedure is a surgical intervention after which the body requires relaxation and rest.

Hospitalization time during Lap Band procedure and recovery time needed before going back to work are subjects of great interest to every Lap Band patient. For the majority of the cases, 24 hours (or even less) stay in the hospital is common. The hospitalization period depends on the patient’s overall health and existing obesity co-morbidities. If complications occur, the time spent in the hospital obviously needs to be prolonged.

Typically, you can return to work within a week. Exceptions constitute patients who have physically demanding jobs, in which case it is for the weight loss surgeon to decide when the patient is truly ready to undertake job-related physical activities.

Prioritize your immediate recovery

As a general rule, a progression from liquid foods to soft foods and finally, solid foods will be followed after Lap Band surgery. Because every single body reacts differently to the changes implied by Lap Banding, our dietitian and weight loss surgeons offer not only general nutritional guidelines but also customized advice and recommendations.

While patients may be fully recovered, it may take several weeks or even months to feel "back to normal" both mentally and physically. Remember, during this time, patients have not only modified their diet and exercise regimen, but they are also going through many psychological changes that will affect themselves and those around them. Maintaining motivation and high energy levels may also be a consideration, especially when first returning to work. Make sure to follow these recommendations closely, as they are your ticket to speedy and safe recovery!

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