How long is the recovery after epididymectomy?

Your doctor will be able to answer this question as it depends on the type of surgery you had.

The epididymis is the firm tube at the back of each testicle, which stores and carries sperm, and epididymectomy is performed if there is an abnormality of the epididymisWhat to expect after the procedure:

  • swelling, bruising, and some discomfort for 7 to 10 days after the procedure
  • absorbable stitches used in this procedure do not require removal - they will disappear in 2-3 weeks
  • seepage of yellowish fluid from the wound for a few days
  • blood collection around the testis - this either resolves slowly or requires surgical removal
  • infection of the incision or the testis - it will be treated with antibiotics or with surgical drainage

Avoid heavy lifting and exhausting exercise for 3-4 weeks. It can take from several weeks to several months to recover completely.

Things to know about your recovery after epididymectomy

It is important to keep the wound clean and dry for 24 hours. Until the area heals, do not have long baths or showers, it may cause infection. The pain will slowly subside during the first 2-3 days after the surgery. Recovery will be, however, relatively lengthy.

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