How long is the hospital stay after a STARR treatment?

Your doctor will tell you how much time you should spend in the hospital so that you can make the proper arrangements.

Most probably, you will be released from the hospital on the day of the procedure. The STARR treatment is performed through a single incision, allowing for a favorable and swift outcome.

This method allows specialists to operate fast and efficiently. Moreover, it helps patients benefit from a short recovery and lower complication risks.

Most patients are able to return home on the same day, and they can safely resume their work after approximately one week.

Further benefits of STARR treatment

The advantages of this treatment place it at the top of other minimally invasive surgeries, reducing pain, scarring, and recovery.

The results are rewarding and also include:

  • rapid hospital release
  • diminished postoperative discomfort
  • lowered risk of complications
  • smaller incision than other procedures involve
  • fast return to normal activities
  • outstanding aesthetic aftereffects
  • successful weight loss

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