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How long does the arthroscopic wrist surgery last?

The surgery usually takes no more than two hours.

Wrist arthroscopy is an outpatient surgical procedure that is usually performed under general anesthesia. The procedure may take between twenty minutes and two hours.

Wrist surgery is performed through several small incisions on the back of the wrist joint, by using a camera and precise instrumentation.

Similar to a knee or shoulder arthroscopy, wrist arthroscopy is a way to find problems and do surgery inside a joint without making a large cut. The procedure permits a visual examination of the interior structures of the wrist with a small camera placed on the end of a fiber-optic tube, which is inserted through a small incision in the skin.

Through the small incisions that are made along the wrist, the doctor can view the wrist from different angles and observe, diagnose and repair or remove damaged structures within the area.

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