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How can my pain be treated?

Pain can be treated with one of the following methods acupuncture to light therapy, meditation, medication, physical therapy, electrical stimulation, interventional procedures, hypnosis even psychological support.

If you are allergic to a particular medication or may be only looking to alleviate your pain without the use of pharmaceutical treatment, then the non-invasive procedures may just be the right thing for you. The non-invasive methods are a group of techniques that do not necessitate the use of medication, such as physical therapy or even manual techniques that can do wonders in treating an array of affections. Pain management with pharmaceuticals, based on the use of analgesics, muscle relaxants or even antidepressants, may be another option for a person seeking treatment. Alternatively, there is a method of administrating injections.

Your doctor will adjust the therapy plan according to your specific needs.

Disclaimer: We do not assume responsibility for the use of the provided information or its interpretation. Our efforts are towards providing current and reliable information; however these should not be considered, or used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment.

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