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How can I take care of myself at home after a spine reconstruction surgery?

It is important to allow sufficient time for your muscles and nerves to heal. Just because you may have complete relief of your pain after your surgery does not mean that you are completely recovered.

Once you return home after a spine reconstruction surgery, it is important to focus on your recovery by eating healthy foods, getting adequate rest, and starting activities only under instructions of your surgeon. All these efforts facilitate the complete healing of your spine and allow a smoother recovery and faster return to normal activities.

The healing process after spinal reconstruction takes time. During this period, you should not strain your back as your muscles and nerves require sufficient time to heal. It is to be noted that though you have got complete relief from pain after your surgery, it does not mean that you have recovered completely. You will have to avoid bending, twisting, standing/sitting for prolonged periods and lifting more than 5 pounds.

You can take short walks around your house for every 1 ½-2 hour and slowly increase the distance every day as this helps to avoid the formation of a blood clot in the legs. Exercising every day helps build the strength of the back muscles and eating a balanced diet low in fat and rich in fruits and vegetable helps in maintaining your weight during the recovery period.

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