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How can I know if I have an illness or my bladder is just being overactive?

The only way to know for sure whether your bladder is overactive or you suffer from a condition or disease is by visiting a urologist. They will carefully examine your bladder to determine what the cause of your symptoms is.

If your bladder is causing you significant disturbance in your daily activity, it may be high time you visited a urologist, as you may unknowingly suffer from a condition or disease which affects the organ. Two of the most common bladder conditions and diseases are cystitis and urinary incontinence.

However, your bladder may just be overactive, which is a condition in and of itself. With a change of lifestyle as recommended by your urologist, you are bound to experience a significant alleviation of your symptoms.

Nevertheless, only a urologist can tell you with certainty whether your bladder is overactive or you have a more serious condition that requires treatment. Therefore, if you experience bothersome symptoms, we strongly advise you to visit one of our experienced urologists.

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