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I’m having guests coming over for dinner, could I just cook without any allergens?

You can avoid using some of the more common allergens, such as peanuts, milk, or shellfish, and find other ingredients to replace these.

The common allergens are present in basic foods and they form the basis of many dishes. Therefore, to exclude all of them would also mean to exclude the variety in your home-cooked meals and eventually, the pleasure of eating. However, when there are a few allergens that cause problems, they could be avoided by replacement.

A person may be allergic to dairy products but could also love fish or pasta, which even though they contain specific allergens like fish protein or gluten, will cause no problem. If your recipe needs a sauce that contains milk cream, you could prepare the sauce with coconut milk and not milk cream so that the dish would be free of milk proteins but not any less delicious.

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