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Does an eyelid reconstructive surgery cause scarring?

Your doctor will tell you what outcome you should expect from this surgery, including the aesthetic result.

Eyelid surgery may be performed for functional, reconstructive or cosmetic purposes. The goal of eyelid reconstructive surgery is to provide adequate eyelid function, afford globe protection and achieve a positive aesthetic outcome. The reconstructive eyelid surgery can:

  • improve abnormal function,
  • reconstruct deformities,
  • repair defects due to trauma
  • repair defects caused by tumor-ablative surgical procedures

Risks and complications

There are potential risks and complications of eyelid reconstructive surgery, including:

  • scarring
  • bleeding
  • inability to close the eyes 
  • abnormal eyelid position
  • dry eye
  • double vision
  • loss of vision

Plastic surgery aims to repair the patient’s eyelid defects and ensure a positive aesthetic result. The scars resulting from this intervention will be hardly visible as they are very well concealed in the eyelid's natural creases. Your doctor will explain to you more about how this surgery is performed and what benefits you should be expecting.

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