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Do babies receive anesthesia before circumcision procedure?

To minimize the risks of this procedure, it should be done only by a trained and experienced practitioner.

Circumcision of baby boys is an optional surgical procedure, performed to remove the layer of skin - called also the foreskin or prepuce - that covers the head of the penis. It is most often done during the first few days after birth and is usually performed before you leave the hospital with your baby.

Type of anesthetics used for circumcision

Like all surgical procedures, it is painful and newborn babies feel pain. To relieve pain, it is necessary the use of an anesthetic to numb the area, about one hour before the procedure:

  • a numbing cream, placed on the baby's penis
  • a local anesthetic injection at the base of the baby’s penis
  • depending on the size and age full anesthesia

The needle can cause bruising or swelling, while the cream may cause redness or swelling. The procedure itself typically takes as long as a few minutes. Parents can be with their baby during the circumcision if they want.

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