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What is the difference between robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery?

Standard laparoscopic surgery uses one camera and provides a 2D view. The da Vinci robotic camera uses two high-resolution fiber-optic cameras with a 3D color picture and 10x magnification. The laparoscopic and robotic instruments look very similar at first sight but you need to know that the robotic instruments have the advantage of being articulated so the instruments are not only open and close but turn and twist.

1. There is a difference between the visual accesses

The two different cameras are using two different angles, one is straight and the other is 30-degree oblique offering visibility around corners. Better visibility also means better identification of the problem. The more we identify the more we treat.

From the system console the surgeon can manipulate the lighting where is needed through the robotic arms.

2. There is a difference between the surgical instruments as well

The robotic tools are doing very precise incisions. Laparoscopic instruments only have four degrees of freedom whereas the da Vinci Endowrist instruments have seven degrees of freedom, which allow for a greater range of precise movements. The robotic arms are perfectly mirroring the human hand’s movements in real-time filtering out hand tremors reducing surgical errors.

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