Can I repeat the ESWL procedure?

Your doctor will need to examine you before he or she can establish the proper course of action if the stones are not eliminated.

Although ESWL has been found to be most efficacious in treating non-obstructing renal calculi, the responsiveness to ESWL fragmentation is dependent upon many variables including:

  • the size of the stones
  • the composition of the stones

Success rates, therefore, are about 75% depending on the individual circumstances. Other factors that affect the success rate of ESWL are lower pole localization, infundibular length, and infundibulopelvic angle (more than 45°). In some cases, due to various anatomic parameters, the stone may be resistant to fragmentation with ESWL despite multiple attempts, which is why repeat ESWL may be considered.

Although there is no consensus about the required time intervals between repeated SWL sessions applied for renal stones, some medical centers wait for 3 days, others for one week, and others up to one month to repeat lithotripsy.

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