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Can I exercise even if I have rheumatoid arthritis?

Yes. Exercising is actually beneficial for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, as it helps relieve pain and joint stiffness. However, you should discuss with your physician regarding what type of exercise you are allowed to engage in with your condition.

People who struggle with rheumatoid arthritis often experience pain and joint stiffness by nature of their condition. Therefore, light physical activity may be effective in alleviating these symptoms. Some forms of exercise recommended for individuals affected by rheumatoid arthritis are stretching, yoga, walking, swimming, cycling, and water aerobics.

Nevertheless, before engaging in any of the above exercises, you should talk with your doctor about it, as not every form of exercise is appropriate for people with rheumatoid arthritis. A medical professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating your condition will be able to recommend you multiple types of physical activity you can try to reduce your pain.

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Source: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Medical-Library/