Can I drink alcohol with ORBERA?

Yes, with the ORBERA gastric balloon, you can consume alcohol, however, it is advised that you significantly limit your consumption.

Alcoholic beverages can be high in calories and, in large quantities, undermine weight loss efforts. Alcohol does not provide major nutrients to the body and in some cases, alcohol can cause harm by triggering the development of ulcers.

In addition, ORBERA takes up volume in the stomach and will give a feeling of satiety so you will not feel like consuming as much food as you used to. With less food in your stomach, alcohol will have a quicker and greater effect on the body. With an empty stomach, the alcohol passes more quickly into the small intestines and as a result, you'll get intoxicated faster.

The effects of alcohol consumption with ORBERA can be the following:

  • abdominal discomfort
  • heartburn
  • increased gastric acid production
  • harm by triggering the development of a gastric ulcer

Alcohol is not prohibited with Orbera, but patients are advised to significantly limit alcohol consumption.

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