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Are there artificial parts added to the bladder during a bladder augmentation procedure?

No, your surgeon will make use of the tissue segments taken from your intestine for the bladder augmentation procedure. Your surgeon will explain more about the steps of the procedure.

Bladder augmentation is performed to make the urinary bladder large enough to hold a larger volume of urine. This surgery is indicated in patients with bladder issues such as urinary incontinence, bladder stiffness, and shrinkage of the bladder due to radiation therapy or spinal cord injury.

Bladder augmentation is a type of abdominal surgery, which involves a cut in the abdomen to reach the urinary bladder. Then, the top portion of the bladder is cut open to prepare it for enlargement. A section of the small or large intestine is removed and attached to the top of the bladder and sewn together to get a larger bladder.

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