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Are there any risks of anesthesia?

Serious risks are extremely rare, but minor side effects such as a sore throat and nausea may occur.

Yes, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks associated with all the types of anesthesia. However, these risks depend on factors such as the type of surgery and your medical condition. Serious adverse effects are extremely rare. Minor side effects such as a sore throat and nausea may occur. A sore throat may occur commonly after being under general anesthesia, particularly if a breathing device has been used. It is very mild in most cases and relieves without medication within a span of two days. If the sore throat continues for more than a week, it is abnormal and you should seek your physician's advice.

In order to decrease the risk of nausea, your anesthesiologist will prescribe prophylactic anti-nausea medications to be taken before the procedure.

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