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Are there any risks involved in a mole removal procedure?

Like any other form of surgery, mole removal has a few risks and complications that can occur, but these are not life-threatening.

Removing a mole is a low-risk, simple surgery. But the procedure, even despite its minimal invasiveness, has some risks, including scarring, a return of the blemish, and infection.

It's important to take the medications your doctor gave you and carefully follow instructions to care for the wound until it heals. This means keeping it clean, moist, and covered.

The only way to know for sure if the mole is cancerous is to send a sample to a lab for a closer look after the mole is removed. If the sample appears normal and healthy, further treatment will not be necessary.

If the cells in the sample look abnormal or cancerous, your dermatologist will help you determine your next steps.

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