Are there any non-surgical treatment options instead of a cheilectomy?

There are different non-surgical treatment options, but if they fail to provide sufficient pain relief and enhance your ability to walk, you will need surgery.

Cheilectomy is a surgical procedure used for treating big toe arthritis or hallux rigidus, a common condition affecting the ankle and foot. The surgery involves removing bone spurs over the big toe's main joint, relieving pain and stiffness.

The complications are minimal, and recovery time is fast; however, cheilectomy is typically recommended after unsuccessful conservative treatment methods.

Alternative treatments to cheilectomy

Cheilectomy can prove to be an effective treatment for mild and moderate cases of hallux rigidus, but there are other non-surgical options that patients need to try before. Other methods that may provide relief include:

  • physical therapy: depending on the cause of your discomfort, the doctor might recommend physical therapy
  • anti-inflammatory medicine: if the pain ranges from moderate to severe, medications such as ibuprofen may be recommended
  • joint immobilization: this technique is meant to alleviate the pain
  • supplements such as glucosamine or chondroitin: if the damage is not severe, these supplements may help alleviate the pain
  • corticosteroid injections: can also reduce swelling and pain
  • comfortable footwear: wearing wider shoes that don't force the toe to bend allows the feet to have a natural position and reduces discomfort

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