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Are there any effective ways to remove moles at home?

Removing moles at home is never recommended. Although some people believe that home remedies are effective, no formal clinical studies have been conducted to assess their effectiveness and safety.

Some people try home remedies because medical insurance may not cover the cost of the removal of benign moles. Others may consider removing them at home because they do not want to go to the hospital for a simple mole.

Most people have as much as 40 moles on their bodies, which are usually harmless, but some may be cancerous. Typically, the removal of cancerous moles is included in the insurance.

One of the risks of removing a mole yourself is that you can’t tell if the mole is cancerous. And an unusual mole could be a melanoma symptom. If your mole is cancerous and you decide to remove it at home, the cancerous cells could spread out and develop into a life-threatening condition.

It is essential that people who are considering removing a mole at home talk to a dermatologist beforehand.

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