Are there any bathing interdictions after the sacrocolpopexy procedure?

Before you are discharged, you will get the necessary aftercare instructions that include your personal hygiene habits.

You have to keep the abdominal wounds dry during the first two weeks after sacrocolpopexy. Afterward, it’s better to shower instead of bathing, and it is also advisable to avoid products that contain perfume.

Washing in the bathtub or using the swimming pool increases the risk of infection, and this is why these activities should be avoided for a while.

Steer clear of the spa or soaking in water throughout the first six weeks after the surgery. Recommendations for optimal bathing routines include:

  • letting warm, soapy water run over the incision
  • trying not to soak in the bath for long periods
  • keeping the wound clean, gently patting it dry
  • leaving the incision open, not covering it with any dressing
  • getting some assistance to help you in and out of the tub; it’s best to avoid a slip and fall hazard

It is also essential to wash your hands often, especially before touching the incisions, after using the restroom, and before eating.

You may return to your regular bathing habits after the first six weeks, only if the wounds have healed.

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