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Are spermatoceles common?

Spermatoceles, also called spermatic cysts are quite common as 30% of men are likely to develop this cyst. It is commonly reported by men between the age of 40 and 60.

Spermatoceles are abnormal cysts that form in the epididymal tissue (the tube that helps transport sperm) but do not reduce fertility or require any treatment. These usually appear as a pea-sized bulge in the scrotum. Surgery may be recommended if the spermatocele becomes large and is causing discomfort.

Spermatoceles are benign and painless often with no symptoms. Sometimes, there may be a feeling of dull aching pain or heaviness in the scrotum, but not sharp pain. These lumps contain a sperm containing fluid and may become larger over time causing discomfort. Surgical intervention to remove the spermatocele may be required if the cyst does not resolve with conservative treatment such as pain medications.

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