Are cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery one and the same?

No, cosmetic surgery is meant to improve a certain feature, while reconstructive surgery is meant to repair a damaged feature.

Cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery differ from each other by the purpose intended. Cosmetic surgery is a procedure applied for the sole purpose of correcting or reshaping an otherwise healthy and undamaged body shape, like the reshaping of a nose or ears or chin or by implanting silicon in various parts of the body to enhance the shape into a fuller, rounder pair of lips, breasts or even buttocks. Cosmetic surgery can be applied for skin tightening procedures, hair loss, or even skin lifting for younger looking skin.

On the other hand, reconstructive surgery has the purpose of making things look “normal”, like repairing a breast, which has been damaged by cancer, reshaping the face of a person who suffered an accident or even reconstructing a hand, which has been crushed in whatever hazardous working environment.

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