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Are all patients treated at the same hemodialysis machine?

Your doctor will tell you more about the way we perform hemodialysis at Marina del Rey Hospital. Rest assured that we take all the safety precautions to prevent infections.

It is essential to learn all you can about your hemodialysis treatment. One important fact you should know about it is that it may involve infections. There are several reasons why patients receiving dialysis have a high risk of infections, including the fast patient turn-over between hemodialysis sessions and the poor health condition of the patient receiving the dialysis. Patients are treated at the same hemodialysis machine, but the hospital uses disposable devices that are thrown away after they are used. In other words, there are no chances that you have contact with the devices that were used on previous patients. Moreover, we take all the standard measures that help us minimize the risk of spreading infections.

How to prevent infections during hemodialysis

The chances of getting infections through your treatment are small due to the strict standard health precautions used in dialysis units.

The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has set standard precautions to be followed by the dialysis care team in all units. It is important to be aware of these precautions, and contact the members of your care team if you have any questions or concerns about your dialysis.

The nurse or technician during dialysis should:

  • Wear clean gowns, face masks, disposable gloves, and protective eyewear when starting your dialysis and when disconnecting you from the machine.
  • Change gloves after beginning treatment and after each patient contact.
  • Clean and disinfect the hemodialysis treatment area between patient shifts.
  • Perform blood tests for HIV and hepatitis B and C on new patients.
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