Am I allowed to drive after an elbow surgery?

Driving is not allowed nor advisable, at least until a partial recovery is achieved.

If you have recently undergone elbow surgery, you should ask your orthopedic surgeon about when it is safe for you to drive.

You should not drive if you are a patient:

  • wearing slings on either arm
  • with above-elbow splints on either arm
  • with below-elbow splints on the left arm

Most state laws dictate that you are incapable of driving if:

  • you are wearing a device - splint, cast, or brace - that limits joint mobility
  • you are taking opioid pain medication¬†or any other drug that can cause drowsiness

Since you will suffer from limited mobility for 7-14 days after your elbow surgery, your driving is considered impaired to a point where you are less in control of your vehicle than reasonable.

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