FREE Yoga Class by Chakra 5 Yoga

Join Chakra 5 Yoga at Marina Del Rey Hospital every Tuesday in the upstairs board room for a FREE class.

Thise instructors at Chakra 5 want to make sure their yoga classes are safe yet effective. However, it’s still possible to strain a muscle or ligament in yoga if you do not use common sense. Here are some tips from the instructors for a positive yoga experience:

  1. Talk to Us! Arrive early to class to chat with THE instructor about pre-existing conditions, injuries or general concerns you might have. We welcome questions throughout the class and after as well.
  2. Avoid a big meal within 2 hours of class. If you are hungry, a light snack such as yogurt or an apple an hour before class is fine.
  3. Please turn off your cell phone!
  4. Hydrate well before, during and after class.
  5. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and bring a small hand towel and (ideally) your own mat.
  6. You’re the best judge of your limits! In any of our classes, you are welcome to opt out of doing any pose. Be mindful of gently pushing yourself to your edge of challenge. Your experience with yoga is a profound and uniquely individual one; don’t look another student and think he or she is doing “better”. Pay close attention to the feedback your body gives you during your practice. “Body knowledge” is a wonderful thing that grows with your yoga practice.
  7. Don’t get discouraged if any pose seems too challenging.  With yoga, consistency is key! That means doing it as often as you can. It’s always better to take a gentle approach that slowly builds up strength, flexibility and balance over time.
  8. Try taking a level of class lower than what you think you need, then give total focus and attention to your practice. Some of the poses that appear to be the simplest can be the most profound and transformative. Start simple and layer on complexity and challenge.

Must be 18 or over to participate.

Chakra 5 Yoga