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If you spent too much time with your shirt off in the summertime, there are chances that moles have appeared on your body. If you want to remove them for cosmetic or medical reasons, our surgeons are ready to help you.

A mole, or nevi, is a lesion of the skin that usually, but not always, appears after being exposed to a lot of UV radiation or at birth. There can be many types of moles, the most common ones being raised or flat with a brown or black color. Some moles can be cancerous and develop melanoma, the most aggressive type of skin cancer so they need to be removed as soon as possible.

Mole removal surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the doctor removes the mole tissue from the skin. There are various methods to do this surgery.

The patient is anesthetized locally. Depending on the type of the mole, the surgeon can remove it by shaving it or by excision.

The first one is a procedure in which the doctor takes a scalpel and simply shaves the mole slightly below skin level.

After this, a disinfectant solution is placed on the wound and then the patient is bandaged.

The second procedure means that the doctor has to cut around the mole with a scalpel. The depth of the cut depends on how deep the nevi penetrated the skin.

After the surgery is finished, the cut is stitched back.

These are the benefits of mole removal surgery:

  • The risk of melanoma is removed
  • A clearer skin without spots
  • It can improve the patient’s self-esteem

The recovery time for this procedure is a very short one. After the surgery is complete, the patient can go home immediately. He must talk to his doctor to learn how to take care of his wound. Usually, he must clean it and apply special creams daily until it is fully healed. Trauma should be avoided in the area for a few days.

As this is a very simple procedure, there are not many risks attached to it. In very rare cases, the wound could get infected or the patient could suffer nerve damage. The most common complication of this procedure is scarring, as it can sometimes leave an unpleasant sign.

Most people see moles as little black spots on the skin that just add to their uniqueness. We believe that moles should be treated seriously, so if you see changes in shape, size or coloring of one of your moles, you should get it tested to see if it could develop melanoma. At our hospital, we are ready to remove your moles so even if you want to have clearer skin or to treat a cancerous spot, call 888.600.5600 and make an appointment.

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The procedure usually requires 10-14 days of healing time.

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This procedure usually leaves a small scar, but it is hardly noticeable.

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