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The doctors at our facility in Los Angeles will make sure that your recovery is devoid of major pain and its rate is greatly accelerated by performing the sigmoidectomy with the minimally invasive techniques and technology available at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital.

You will receive the care of the most qualified personnel in order for you to benefit from all the positive aspects of this procedure’s outcome.

Sigmoidectomy is a surgical procedure that consists in the removal of a part or of the whole sigmoid colon (usually to eliminate a malignant tumor). The sigmoid colon is located right above the rectum and it is S-shaped.

The surgery can be performed with a classical approach but most of the times surgeons opt for the laparoscopic method as it is minimally-invasive.

Laparoscopic surgery or what some people know as minimally-invasive surgery, describes the surgical interventions, which are performed with the aid of a video camera and special surgical instruments. During the procedure, some small incisions are made and plastic tubes named ports are introduced in the body through these incisions, allowing the access of the camera and instruments into the body of the patient.

The tiny video camera sends the images to a monitor guiding the surgeon while performing the procedure.

Respecting the operatory indications, a correct technique and the surgical caution rules, laparoscopic surgery offers a series of advantages:

  • The pain is reduced in comparison with the ones resulted from an open surgery.
  • Fast postoperative mobilization as the lesions of the abdominal wall do not oblige the patient to a prolonged rest.
  •  Short time of hospitalization.

A team of 5 competent persons will assist the surgery, each and every one of them having different roles. One of the members of the staff that might take part in your surgery is the nurse who will make sure that you undergo the right procedure. An anesthesiologist will also be present in your operating room, along with the surgeon and his/her two assistants.

This procedure is indicated for the following affections:

  • cancer of the sigmoid colon
  • cysts of the sigmoid
  • inflammatory bowel diseases
  • fistula
  • prolapse of the rectum
  • sigmoid volvulus
  • scleroderma of the colon

Most patients will be intubated with a nasogastric tube for the first few days after the operation in order to keep the normal secretion of gastric juices away from the lower intestine. This tube is removed when the intestine starts to function again on its own and the internal connections have healed.

The patient starts a liquid diet and gradually returns to solid food.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laparoscopic Sigmoidectomy

It is normal to experience some bowel movement changes after the surgery, such as frequent stools or the urgency to use the toilet.

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