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Why Choose Marina del Rey Hospital for Heart Transplant Surgery?

Being on a waiting list for an organ transplant can be a very stressful experience. With the limited supply of heart donors, this makes the process even harder. At Marina del Ray Hospital, our surgeons are expertly trained to perform this surgery in the safest manner and make sure that your chance at a new life is not wasted.

When a patient has symptoms of heart problems, after finding out what the problem is, there are various options possible to alleviate the problem. Several treatments include lifestyle changes, medication or even surgery. There are some cases, though, where these options either don’t or won’t yield results. This, in turn, can lead to end-stage heart failure. If a patient is diagnosed with this, his only option left is a heart transplant surgery.

Heart transplant surgery is a procedure in which the doctor will make an incision in the middle of the patient’s chest, cut through the bone and separate the heart from the body. After the diseased heart is taken out, it is replaced with another healthy one. The surgery is over when the doctor closes the chest.

Heart transplant surgery is a major surgical procedure. The doctor will cut through the skin, muscle and bone of the patient. Then, he will connect him to a pump to keep the blood flowing through the body while the heart is stopped. The surgeon will then remove the diseased heart and replace it with the donor’s one. The arteries will be grafted onto the new organ and then, with electrical shocks, the heart will be restarted. After draining the excess liquid from the body, the pump will be removed and the chest bones, muscles and skin will be closed and stitched back together.

This type of surgery has immense benefits:

  1. With a healthy heart, the patient has a new chance at life;
  2. Symptoms of heart disease will significantly reduce
  3. Improved mental health
  4. Activities that may not have been possible to do before may be enjoyed after the surgery

A heart transplant is a very hard procedure on the body. Because of this, the recovery period will be a long and hard one. After the surgery, the patient will remain in the intensive care unit for up to three weeks to be carefully supervised. After leaving the hospital, for the first 3 months the patient will return often to check for blood pressure and heart rejection. After this, he will have yearly visits to the doctor and will have to take special medicine for the rest of his lifetime.

There are a lot of risks involved with this procedure. Primary graft failure is the most frequent cause of death. Because of several factors, the new heart could fail and not be able to perform. Another risk is that the body may see the new organ as a foreign object and reject it. This can lead to heart failure and a new heart transplant will be necessary. Infection, kidney disease and cancer may all be side-effects because of the necessary medication the patient will have to follow.

We know that this type of surgical procedure is a very hard one. If you are in the situation in which you need a new heart, our surgeons are experienced, professional, caring and they are more than capable to perform this surgery. Call us today at 888.600.5600 and come to speak with one of our doctors!

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People with advanced heart failure, otherwise healthy, are considered a good candidate for this procedure.

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In most cases, heart surgeries are covered by insurance.

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