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What Is Gastric Plication?

May 9th, 2011 - Posted by Jeremy Korman to Weight Loss

Gastric plication is a new weight loss procedure. Although it is considered by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery to be in the “investigational” stage it is already showing promising results.

It is being performed more and more worldwide, and it may provide some advantages over currently popular weight loss surgeries.

In many weight loss surgeries, the digestive tract is rerouted, part of the stomach is permanently removed, or a foreign object is placed in the abdomen. These surgeries have been proven to be effective and quite safe (though all surgery has risks). These established procedures — gastric bypass, the lap-band, and sleeve gastrectomy in particular — are still the recommended, established options for many weight loss patients.

In gastric plication no part of the digestive tract is removed or rerouted and, with the exception of sutures, there is no foreign device placed in the patient’s body. In this new operation, the stomach is “folded over itself” so that there is less space for food. This helps the patient limit portion sizes, thereby helping him or her to lose weight.

How Is Gastric Plication Performed?

  • During the surgery, patients are placed under general anesthesia. This means they are unconscious during the procedure.
  • Through small openings in the stomach, the surgeon folds part of the stomach’s greater curve over itself. (Think of a paper bag: if you roll up the top, the pouch at the bottom can hold less than the whole unrolled bag.)
  • The stomach is sutured, or sewn, and the incisions closed.
  • The resulting smaller stomach is shaped like a long tube, much like a sleeve gastrectomy. However, in a gastric plication, no part of the stomach is removed.

Preliminary results indicate that this is a safe and effective weight loss surgery. But because it is still relatively new, long term data is still being gathered by the medical community.

Find Out More

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