What Can I Expect after Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Jeremy Korman';

By Jeremy Korman

Posted on June 24th, 2011 in Weight Loss

After sleeve gastrectomy surgery, also known as gastric sleeve surgery, you will experience some significant changes.

First, there are the physical changes that come with having weight loss surgery. The day after surgery, you will be placed on a liquid diet.

Over the following weeks, you will gradually transition to a soft diet and then solid foods.

Because the sleeve gastrectomy reduces the stomach, you will eat smaller portions. We have a nutritionist on staff to help you plan what to eat after surgery.

Dieting and Exercise after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

As you recover from your gastric sleeve surgery, you will begin to implement lifestyle changes needed to get the most out of your procedure.

This begins with healthy eating. You will probably eat several small meals a day, rather than three big ones. However, you should make sure that each meal is very nutritious and contains enough protein, vitamins, and minerals.

You will also have to increase your physical activity. The team at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital, including our physical therapist, will create a customized activity plan which may start before you have the operation.

After surgery, it’s important to get moving as soon as possible; this will hasten weight loss and help you recover. You will start by walking several times a day, and your workouts will progress based on your ability and long-term goals.

For those who stick to it, the body changes very quickly, and health conditions and quality of life can improve almost from the day after surgery.

Lifestyle after Gastric Sleeve

After surgery, you should be more able to perform everyday activities with more energy and less discomfort. Eventually, you will probably become more and more active, and symptoms of any obesity-related health problems could lessen.

You might lose weight very quickly — so quickly, in fact, that you might inquire about removing the excess skin you may see on your body. But, unfortunately, the skin may not re-shape itself as quickly as you’re losing the fat underneath.

This is normal, and many people undergo cosmetic procedures because they want their appearance to mirror their new, improved health status. We have a plastic surgeon on staff who can tell you more about body contouring following weight loss surgery.

Questions about Gastric Sleeve

If you’re interested in learning more about what to expect following gastric sleeve surgery, please call our office, located at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital. We’re here to serve all Los Angeles residents who want to lose significant weight and take charge of their long-term health.