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Weight Loss Surgery vs. Liposuction

Jeremy Korman';

By Jeremy Korman

Posted on July 31st, 2020 in Weight Loss

In the United States, 250,000 people undergo bariatric surgery every year, whereas 258,000 individuals choose to have liposuction annually.

The former is a group of surgical procedures, such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. The latter is a type of plastic surgery known as cosmetic surgery; the two are very different regarding eligibility, risks, and possible weight loss.

We perform bariatric surgery at our hospital, having a whole department of medical specialists dedicated to it.

Depending on how overweight or obese you are, you may be a good candidate for either weight loss surgery or liposuction. In general, overweight people qualify for liposuction, as their situation is not as dire as obese individuals.

During liposuction, up to 25% of your excess body weight will be removed from your area of choice. On the other hand, the purpose of bariatric surgery is for the patient to lose weight afterward, slowly but surely gradually.

Thereby, undergoing weight loss surgery will not instantly get you rid of your excess body fat but will ensure gradual and healthy weight loss.

What Is the Difference Between Weight Loss Surgery and Liposuction?

Firstly, liposuction usually provides only temporary results if the patient does not change their eating and exercise habits. In contrast, bariatric surgery offers a series of notable benefits in the long run for the people who choose to undergo it. By making changes to the digestive tract, the amount of food one can ingest following a weight loss surgery is restricted, leading to gradual weight loss.

Liposuction can only remove fat from the body as a cosmetic procedure and may not be useful to obese patients in the long run. Furthermore, liposuction can only remove 25% of the excess weight from only one body area, which may be considerably less than the patient needs if they struggle with many extra pounds. In other words, liposuction relies on the instant gratification approach.

In contrast, bariatric surgery is meant to provide the patient with weight loss in the long run, and they are also significantly more likely to cease gaining weight following a weight loss surgery.

Additionally, if the patient suffers from the following health problems, liposuction will not be the solution, as it will not lead to the improvement of these health issues:

However, you are bound to lose weight by undergoing bariatric surgery and maintain your ideal weight for years to come if you follow a strict eating and exercise program.

Thereby, while liposuction is usually recommended for people who struggle with only a few extra pounds, weight loss surgery is the solution for severely overweight and obese individuals.

The health complications they often struggle with may end up claiming their lives. Here are some of the most significant benefits of weight loss surgery, regardless of the procedure:

  • the patient will lose up to 62% of their excess body weight during the first 3 years after the surgery
  • over 90% of the people who undergo weight loss surgery experience a reduction in their health problems which stem from obesity
  • the majority of patients also experience a higher quality of life following bariatric surgery
  • some bariatric procedures are minimally invasive and thereby entail a fast recovery
  • the mortality rate of bariatric surgery is 0.1%, which makes these procedures very safe
  • people who undergo bariatric surgery are also likely to experience a decrease in their psychological and emotional issues associated with being overweight or obese

Undergo Bariatric Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital

If you decide to have weight loss surgery, our medical specialists will gladly help you undergo the most effective procedure. After a thorough evaluation of your physical and mental health, we will be able to recommend the most suitable bariatric surgery for you, which is bound to make you lose your extra pounds slowly but surely.

Our highly skilled bariatric surgeons will carefully perform the most beneficial weight loss procedure on you so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a high quality of life again.

For additional information concerning bariatric surgery, please contact our hospital, and our medical staff will answer all your questions and address all your concerns.

Lastly, it is important to know that only after being examined by a medical specialist you will know for sure which bariatric procedure is right for you, as there are numerous factors at play when deciding which weight loss surgery is perfect for you, such as body mass index, health issues, and age.